buy a mosquito net for an artisan's child for just $8

Did you know that in Uganda, a mosquito net draped over a bed can save a life? Insecticide-treated bed nets physically stop mosquitos from being able to reach people to bite them, and the insecticide kills them. When mosquitos can't bite, malaria parasites (called Plasmodium) can't be transmitted, which means that the precious people sleeping under the mosquito net stay healthy.

Just $8 can provide a mosquito net for one of our artisan families. This net will last for years and in many cases will protect more than one person at a time. Our goal is to raise enough funds to purchase 50 mosquito nets for the families we serve, but we’d love to surpass that goal and allow our artisans to share nets with their surrounding communities! Our hope is always that as we empower our artisans and their families, the effects will ripple out as they have the margin, resources, and opportunity to pay it forward and empower their neighbors and communities. We have seen this happen in other ways, and it is beautiful to witness -- hope and provision spreading, one family at a time. 

Thank you for making an impact today!