artisans //

  • dorothy

    Dorothy was the very first basket artisan that The Mighty River Project partnered with. She is a mama of 6 and a grandmother, and heads up the Mukisa Twezimbe women's group. Dorothy is a natural caregiver, and loves those in her community with all that she has. We are so blessed to work with her!

  • peninnah

    Peninnah is a member of the Mukisa Twezimbe women's group, creating baskets in partnership with The Mighty River Project. She is mama of 7 children, and works hard to provide for her family! Deep and thoughtful, she is a joy to have on the Mighty River Project team. 

  • evelyn

    If you were to meet Evelyn, she would make you feel welcome, and she would make you laugh with her wit and honesty. She's a wonderful mother to her daughters and infant son! She uses her basket-making skills that she learned through Mukisa Twezimbe women's group to provide for them, and their household is full of fun!


    Robinah, another member of Mukisa Twezimbe women's group, makes beautiful baskets to support her children. Although quiet at first, when she gets excited, she is the first of the Mukisa ladies to break into dancing! Robinah and her precious children are a joy to know!

  • gloria

    Gloris is the youngest member of the Mukisa Twezimbe women's group, and a kind and attentive mama to baby Blessing. She is working toward getting a degree in healthcare. 

  • kevin

    Kevin is also a member of the Mukisa Twezimbe group. She has three children, and in addition to her income through The Mighty River Project, she sells necessities in a small shop adjacent to her house. We are so blessed to partner with this sweet lady!  

  • Erinah

    Erinah is our only artisan who makes baskets using papyrus fiber. She has two daughters and a toddler son, and uses the proceeds from her self-taught basket making skills to support her family.

  • maria

    Maria makes our line of beaded jewelry, giving second life to used paper by hand-rolling each bead into an upcycled treasure. She uses her earnings from The Mighty River Project to support her two teenage daughters.

  • Rita

    Rita, mama to eight daughters and a son, supports her family by making vibrant textile products. She uses bright, unique Ugandan fabrics to make bags and aprons using a foot-pedal-powered sewing machine.

ugandan leadership team //

FRED //  Fred is The Mighty River Project's In-Country Director. He serves our ladies well, and is the bridge between our Ugandan and US operations. He is married to Becky, our Sponsorship Coordinator.

BECKY // Becky is our Sponsorship Coordinator, and keeps things running smoothly between all of our sponsored children and their sponsors. She's the lady who makes sure every child has uniforms and school shoes that fit, communicates with the schools, and encourages the kids as they write letters to their sponsors. Her job is FUN and BUSY!

LOIS // Lois is our Mentorship Coordinator. She is a seasoned mama of three children, and uses her wisdom and kindness to help make sure our ladies are growing holistically. 

board of directors //

  • Meredith Smith


  • Scott Littleton

    Co-Founder & Executive Director

  • diana tursi


  • steve strawn

  • Erin Littleton

    Co-Founder & Board Chair